The Day A Leopard And I Crossed Paths

Published By Nida Aziz

The lovely dawn is spreading its wings slowly and gradually over the nearby hills of Thandiani. I am sitting in a rocking-chair, waiting for a cup of sugar-free black coffee while looking out of the window. I can so feel the cool breeze and mesmerizing beauty of the rising sun in the east. One wonders, if it is not the sweltering summer season, griped over the subcontinent in Asia; yet it could surely be assessed because I am at my newly built official residence. Dagri Bungalow is in the vicinity of Thandiani, the coolest part of Abbottabad.

The elevation of Dagri Bungalow is about 8,923 feet (2,720 meters) above sea level. The actual name of the place is Dagri Nakka which literally means “The Lion’s Den”. Therefore the place wholly redefines its meaning because there are a lot of leopards, leaping here and there. The bungalow is constructed by the Sarkar Bahadur (The British government) for the residential purpose of security officials, so that the staff could work amid cool and comfortable atmosphere of scenic and serene city of Abbottabad, in KPK.

Anyway, my butler has just arrived with the cup of coffee and as soon as I finish it, my secretary also appears on the scene, to keep me updated for the agenda of the day ahead, including the expected tour by the Viceroy of Hindustan. Since I am the security head, I am soon leaving for the office to resume my duties where I will have to check all the necessary security measures before the arrival of Viceroy to the area.

On the way to office, I am fully enjoying the lovely weather, breathtaking scenery and the beautiful patches of dense jungle, along the trek. The secretary is escorting me while we both are discussing the important issues. Suddenly the secretary smells a rat and instantly gets disappeared from the scenario. I try to evaluate the situation and that’s when I see a leopard standing on the trek and staring at me with a furious gesture. The leopard is getting nearer and nearer to me with every passing moment but I can do nothing to counter it. I am frozen with fear, standing still; neither moving nor able to run away. The leopard is getting closer and closer, with all its wild fierceness and all of a sudden, it jumps over me with a loud roar,

An uncontrollable and horrifying shriek comes out of my throat and it didn’t stop until I heard the scuttling and door slamming. . . . . .

I woke up sweating; ah, it was a terrifying dream and thank God it was just a dream.

Someone is holding my arm and the other is shaking my shoulder,

“What happened? Are you OK? Why are you screaming?”, “She might have seen a dreadful dream!”

I opened my eyes with a jerk and phew!

It was just a dream, again thank God.

Jaam Saqi is holding my hand and Adarsh is holding a glass of water.

There is literally no bungalow, no butler, no secretary, and above all no leopard at all in the sight (sigh of relief).

Clearly, I cannot afford any princely benefits at the stake of my life.

I need to show the back to the horrible and tragic dream of the past, in which I was torn into millions of pieces by the greedy Leopard, arghhhh!

I feel so shaken at the moment to write any further, so in next episode, I shall be talking about the place that gave me such horrible albeit interesting dreams! Stay tuned!


Fehmeeda Farid Khan

 Fehmeeda is a freelance content writer, reporting analyst, translator and a social mobilizer as well. She is a poetess and author. Being a physically challenged person, she is an advocate on disability issues and a motivational speaker.


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