Adventure is out there but plan wisely!

Published By Nida Aziz

As the summers approach, we all start preparing ourselves for some adventure trip. Some people just make plan for a road trip, some want to do something wild and crazy by outlining some long and advanced treks and some of us make plans for a family trip. Almost everybody goes on cooking something to get rid of same routine and running in the same rat race.

But before making a plan or thinking about trekking in the wild, you must be well aware of the ground realities. You must know about yourself before taking what could easily be termed as a risk. Adventure is not a race to win or lose; we are dropping the essence of adventure and its true meaning by competing with others. Let’s dig into these things a little more.

Are you capable of the adventure you planned?

The most common issue amongst us is that we want to achieve everything very early. A person who may never have trekked before now wants to make a debut with a strenuous trek! Does it make sense? It’s more of a suicidal mission than an adventure. Just like a gradual ascend on a trek, you should do everything gradually. Make a checklist about your strength and weaknesses before choosing the kind of adventure you want to have.

Difference between hiking and trekking

We always mix these two terms up and think these are synonyms, but actually they are not in literal terms. Hiking is basically a simple type of going out and walking in nature. It is only a day or a half-day trip on a maintained trail. But trekking is slightly different from hiking. It is longer in duration. When I say longer, it doesn’t mean adding more hours, it means adding a day or two or more in complete wilderness. It’s little more challenging than hiking.

How to plan your trek?

Before planning some big adventure in the wilderness or embarking upon a strenuous trek, you have to go back in the memory lane and recall your previous trekking experience to see whether you are capable of doing the trek you are going to plan.

For example, a person did some basic hiking and now wants to attempt the K-2 basecamp trek or Snow Lake or any other longer trek. What do you think? Is it a wise option to try? Obviously not! Remember, Fairy Meadows is not a trek anymore, it requires not more than some hours of walk. It’s a hiking activity and at the end of the hike, you rest in a cozy hut.

If you want to do a trek which takes more than a week, you must have some previous experience of trekking and camping for at least some days, so that you can get an idea to what challenges you have to face on a long trek you want to go for. Don’t go crazy! Think wisely as life is a precious gift. Take some experience. Long treks are not a thing to experiment; it may turn your adventure into a worst nightmare. And I speak this from a personal experience.

Planning your trek with some tour agency?

Are you planning to go with some tour agency? They will never say no to you if you want to join them. But do your own research about the trek and the tour agency.  Your one wrong choice can turn your joyous time into your worst nightmare. Do you want to know how? Let me tell you some real stories of real people so you can get an idea.

The nightmares – Getting stuck on Biafo glacier

Let me tell you some nightmares. Just close your eyes and think about getting yourself stuck on a high crevassed area of Biafo glacier (above 5000 m) in the evening. The sun is going down and the bone chilling glaciated winds have started to make you freeze. Your guide doesn’t even know where the trek leads to and on top of that, you don’t have anything to eat and you are literally “cold-starved” in such conditions. Is it an adventure? No, it’s a life and death situation.

Achieving Nothing

Trekking on Baltoro glacier without having any previous trekking experience, and then getting caught by altitude sickness in the middle of no-where and resorting to trekking back without achieving your goal and ruining the trek for self and others.

Slipping from the Top

It’s about a first timer who slipped from a high altitude pass and then got badly injured. Was it an adventure? No! It could have taken your life within seconds! And in the end only you would be the one to be blamed. Not your fellow trekkers, not your operator but the wrong choice you may have made.

Hence it’s always better to research first, know yourself well, get some experience, make wise choices and then go for your trek! Only then it could be termed as an adventure worthy of your caliber! Incidents happen with anyone and anywhere, but you must have to stay safe and ensure your wellbeing in your own way, as nothing will ever be bigger than life.

Happy adventure!


Adeel Pervaiz

Adeel is an avid trekker and an active member at The Karakoram Club.


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